My Louisiane

Bas Clas Band
WD Picou



by WD Picou


Maw-Maw was pretty when She was young

She ran through the Prairie neath the Golden Sun

She rested in the shade of the big Oak Tree

I loved those stories Maw-Maw told to me


I’d close my eyes and go slipping back

to a Paradise outside a shingle shack

Where Maw-Maw did dance footloose and fancy-free

Somewhere in the Country out around a big Oak Tree


My Louisiane!

My Louisiane!


Maw-Maw sometimes She'd look so far away

back to a time when She was young at play

She held this little baby mesmerized

as I drifted off to Dream about a place called Paradise


I look out the window

man, I love the Rain

I look out the window

but I know it's not the same

as the picture that was painted

as I sat on Maw-Maw's knee

as I look at the place

where there used to be a big Oak Tree


My Louisiane!

My Louisiane!


© 2012 WD Picou, Half Nutt Music

All Rights Reserved

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